Lauren Rose Mcgee

Lauren has been working in the industry as a professional model for the last 8 years. She began at the young age of 16 when she was scouted while acting in a theatre production. She has gone on to model for many big names including ASOS, River Island, Lancome,L'Oreal, Laura MercierMAC, Channel 4Vodafone, Lipsy,  and VOGUE. Lauren has also walked on the runway for London Fashion Week for many prestigious designers. She has a wealth of experience modelling both on a freelance basis and also with many different agencies. Additionally, Lauren has assisted in the scouting and training of new faces for both commercial and high fashion agencies. Lauren can offer advice on: 

  • How to get started in modelling and make a living from modelling freelance.  

  • How to build a portfolio.

  • Which agencies would be best suited to you and your look.

  • The best way to approach agencies and what you need to prepare.

  • What to bring to a casting, what to wear and how to make a good impression.

  • Advice on poses, posture and facial expression on a shoot.

  • Tutoring on the different lighting setups you may come into contact with on a shoot and how to alter your poses to ensure the shots are flattering. 

  • Runway and catwalk training. Perfecting your walk.

When Lauren was first scouted at 16, despite performing as an actress she was very shy and lacking in confidence. From a first hand perspective, Lauren can relate to those who are first starting out and how daunting it can be. Her sessions aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools to boost confidence both in modelling and in everyday life.