Ava Rose - Model/singer

I recently experienced a Model Day at LMA and it was everything I needed! An intimate team, really friendly and helpful and most importantly skilled. I felt completely comfortable within no time and look forward to working with them again in future. I feel more confident about my next steps too! If you're looking for sound advice and direction along with high quality make up and photos - definitely go with LMA!

Karl Fredrick Hiemeyer - Model 

Amazing from start to end! made you feel real comfortable and gave you great tips! Absolutely recommend LMA to everyone who wants to start modelling. Since my model day LMA photographer Kamal put me forward to a agency that they work closely with and I'm now signed with them couldn't be happier. And thank you Michaela for casting me in my first London Fashion week show was a great experience.

-Kamal Mostofi-LMA-ZyZi Makeup-Karl-Model-7.jpg

Juliana Stoney BMA Model 

When I came to LMA I was already signed with 2 agencies (BMA and Ugly),having spent the previous 2 years gradually gaining experience which included shoots for Clark's Shoes and appearing on ITV's This Morning, and fitting this around my teaching job.

I came to London Model Academy because I wanted to feel more prepared and confident on assignments as I'd begun to realise that there was much more to modelling than just looking the part. I had also left my job in pursuit of a modelling career and wanted to maximise my potential.

The training not only gave me a huge confidence boost in my abilities, working on my walk and poses, but also allowed me to try things out and see what worked without pressure. 

Michaela and her team were very professional and approachable, putting me at ease straight away. I came away feeling very positive, and I hope that, armed with the images that were produced on the day, model pack and list of freelance agencies, I can take my career to the next level.

Thank you London Model Academy

Daniel Matthews

London Model Academy has helped me to get where I am today, I met Michaela Harewood a year ago at a LFW casting. From the moment we met I was given advice and tips on how to be more confident with with my poses and how to have a stronger walk on the runway. I have come across many problems in the past, but with the support from London Model Academy I have easily been able to put them behind me. When I approached Michaela for advice on which agencies I should apply with! I was forwarded a list. Thanks to the fact someone who believes in me pointed me in the right direction! I would not be signed by BMA today… So far I have been to castings or Adidas, Channel 5 TV, Music videos and Sky broadband. My career is just starting. I feel lucky and I hope michaela knows how much I appreciate what London Model Academy have done for me!


I recently won London Model Academy’s competition for a free model day. This was my first modeling experience and photo shoot, so I was mainly looking for support and guidance. Working with London Model Academy was not only a lovely experience, but also extremely useful and tailored to my needs. I definitely got the support I was hoping for. I am very pleased to have worked with a team who understood that I was only just starting out, who also encouraged and pushed me to produce some stunning images. The photographer was not only flexible to my own needs, but also to the four very different looks I chose for my portfolio, knowing exactly how to bring each one to life with it’s own character. My favorite thing about working with London Model Academy was that the photographer (Kamal Mostofi) worked with me, telling me what he wanted from the shot and then we worked together to produce it, rather than feeling uncertain and under pressure to perform. It was an all round friendly, yet ambitious and professional atmosphere. I would work with London Model Academy over any of their competitors based on their genuine support and artistic talent. I also know that this support is ongoing and would absolutely love to work with this company again. I am very excited to receive the final product and would recommend London Model Academy (especially to new models or those wanting support with their modeling) not just for this amazing experience, but also for the outstanding quality of the images they produce.


I am very thankful for the outcome of my images as I am very pleased. On my arrival on the date I was greeted nicely and spoken to in a very polite way. I had a lot of fun and a lot of support was  given. I was given advice on how to pose, facial expressions and how to walk pretending I was walking on a catwalk: had a quick train of how to catwalk properly.  I truely enjoyed my day at London Modeling Academy. In addition, my photographer Kamal was very nice, he also taught me how to pose and what facial expressions I should do. I got given great advice on skin care and  healthy diets. It was very nice working with the LMA team.


Jane dawson - Aarons Aunty

We spent the day with LMA and were made very welcome by a fantastic team . The training the models are given is something else to watch and the difference in confidence levels after this is incredible and instant, A truly professional company , the way the team, especially Michaela coaches is truly mesmerising, we walked in with a teenager with low self esteem but with potential, we came home 5 hours later with a guy full of style,grace and confidence. Thank you all , we cant wait to see the photos and we look forward to continuing to working with LMA.   

Kamal Mostofi-ZyZi Makeup-LMA-Aaron-Model-11.jpg


Alisha Ahmadi

Thank you so much for the pictures. Ever since Kamal sent an email saying he sent them to the LMA email, I’ve been so anxious to see them and they look amazing! 

I also just want to thank you for helping me on the day of the photoshoot! Everyone was so welcoming and I couldn’t have picked the pictures without you guys.

Megan Cameron 

Thank you so much for everything, I love the images. I just thought I would let you know that sapphire model management want to meet me on Tuesday. I have to thank you and your team for getting me here, your service is the reason I have a meeting with a top agency, so I have so much to thank you for. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.


Kamal Mostofi-ZyZi Makeup-London-Model-LMA-Megan8.jpg


I had such an amazing day at my LMA model day, I now know that I have potential to be a model and have the right images now to get the right work and approach good agencies, i also understand how scam agency work with the advice LMA team gave me so at least i won't get caught up with them and get disappointed 

Kamal Mostofi-Zyzi Makeup-LMA-Sasha-17.jpg

Sapphira Fernandes - Model

Hi, just wanted to express my gratitude for the photo-shoot to you and your wonderful team. I really enjoyed it and feel a lot more confident in taking this step in to the modelling industry . You and your team are amazing you made me feel very comfortable and gave me constructive criticism which will help me a lot in my career. thank you so much just the advice you gave me on the portfolio day is opening up doors for me  I had a bridal hair and make up shoot on Saturday it went so well.


Danielle Bromley - Model   

I am new to this industry and have got so much knowledge from LMA. My CV is nicely building up with Photo shoots in beautiful gardens to catwalk shows for Britain’s Next Top Model.

There is a constant flow of work and I enjoy every minute of it. Looking forward to seeing what next year brings as I now have the experience to go a lot further.

Thank you LMA

Xxx Danielle xxX


Natasha Christable Marie - Model

One of my friends on Facebook recommended LMA so I went on to the website and signed up on the “sign up now for info, castings and news section”. After submitting my pics and stats I was selected to walk in a catwalk show that week, I was a bit worried about doing the show as I had never done a catwalk before but def had the height to do it, and it was all very last minute but was all good on the day as I had a mini catwalk lesson by Michaela which left me feeling confident and comfortable to do the show, so thank you for giving me the opportunity and the experience I needed to push me further with my modelling career.

Thanks again,


Clare Elizabeth Smith - MUA

Working with Michaela / LMA and fashion Capital over the last year on their major fashion events have been a true honour. Being chosen as part of a key team as a sole Make- up Artist designer. Michaela has really helped me in stretching my imagination and accelerating my career in fashion.

I have worked with many models some only on there first assignment this has brought an amazing atmosphere of hype and excitement within the industry. Michaela / LMA ensures each and every event is individual and the models feel every bit worth their role.

Kim Rainbow - Musical theatre 

Just wanted to say thank you for the shoot day, I was really impressed with how you and your team made me feel relaxed as it made me more confident, I cant wait to see the pictures and I will defiantly recommend LMA to all my friends at college to get there head shots done with you.

_MG_1300-Kamal Mostofi_Pixi Pixel_28.jpg

Haly Protsiv - Professional model 


Im so happy with my model day, the training was so needed and surprised what 30 min with a professional trainer could do, the creative team are amazing so much care and attention to detail and really made me feel comfortable on set which made me confident and felt I came out of myself in front on the camera, the advice you gave me has been so beneficial and I’m now a full time free lance model, the model advice pack had so many great contacts so thank you and look forward to seeing your team at the next model networking party.