Child and Teen Modelling

Are you considering Child Modeling? London Model Academy can teach you what you need to know about letting your child, tween or teen model from putting together a portfolio, attending auditions, fees, risks and more.

Questions you need to ask yourself

Does your child have what it takes to be a model?

Do you have what it takes to be the parent of a model?

How will your child benefit from modeling?

What steps can you take to get your child into modeling?

Which child model agencies are the best?

Does my child have model potential? 

Modeling can be hard work, but it can also be a wonderful experience for your child and a great opportunity for the two of you to spend time together. It can also introduce them to a new wealth of new experiences. Another big benefit it can develop your Childs social skills and self esteem, its wonderful for you to see a child grow into a vibrantly confident kid, they get to socialize with kids outside their normal social circle. It also helps them learn to speak to adults and take direction well. Children can expect to gain confidence, interview skills and wonderful memories. Plus if your child is successful there is money to be made.

Your child must be photogenic, happy and smiley, with clear skin and bright eyes. However not all child models have to be pretty or cute sometimes a quirky look with plenty of character and sparkle will go a long way for advertising companies that want to sell their clients products.

The childs temperament is equally as important as looks – all child and teen models must be good natured and sociable in order to put up with meeting lots of strangers and deal with a busy schedule.

What LMA can do for you and your Child or Teen.

LMA run model days for parents that are looking to get either there child or teenager in to modeling, these model days are private and the training is one to one so no more than 2 students a day in order to maximize the learning potential and learning outcomes. This ensures plenty of attention and one to one focus from one of our top model advisors

We will help you learn the ropes of the modeling industry and how to stay clear of scams Sometimes its hard to spot a shady business but LMA experts agree on a few dead giveaways which we can educate you on the day, We can offer information on all the reputable child and teen agencies and how to get them to notice you.

To start your child modeling it is important that you have a impressive portfolio so you stand out from the rest as this industry is very competitive, and your child’s portfolio is what is going to get your child work.

We offer Industry standard images that you can use to approach agencies and increase your Childs chance of getting selected.


If you want to apply for your child to under go a modelling assessment please complete the above application form. 


We do not need professional shots with any application. natural images are just fine but be sure to include at least one clear headshot and one full-length shot.