Model Training and Development

Many young girls or boys that want to be models don't know how the industry works, and don't understand what training is for (or whether it’s really required). London Model Academy can safely guide new starters into the world of modelling, with confidence and a real skill-set.

Models are more than a hanger for clothing. Models embody moods, characters and so much more. They can be someone strong and powerful one day, or confident and sexy the next day. Some photo shoots require vulnerability; other shoots require ‘the girl next door’.

An important skill in modelling is learning to adapt to instructions, and how to fulfil various director requirement. Modelling is also about learning how to express rich emotions, and how to best connect to atmospheres.

The requirements of modelling can be much more than expected. Often, the skills needed won’t come naturally to most, and require direction, training and effort.

Models are required to connect to their emotions, and convey in physical poses. Therefore, the mind body connection must be strong. Often, it can take time for models to truly get in touch with themselves and so patience and persistence are key to success.


Do You Want to Be a Model?

If you are considering becoming a model, but feel challenged by not knowing where to begin, or who to talk to, why not engage the support of London Model Agency – we can support you from the very start and all the way up until successful commercial placement.


Parts of the struggles of being a novice model are the numerous challenges to face regarding self expression. In order to become the very best model that you can be, it is crucial to find out how to create the strongest presentation and images that key designers and photographers are seeking.

Regardless of if you are a freelancing model signed with an agency, or doing it independent of representation, the overall induction and hire process is always the same. In general, a model will always require (at minimum): Training, Guidance, and Test shoot experience. After these experiences, then you will be ready for work.

If we look back to relatively recent (supermodels of the 90’s) and even older modelling histories around the world, each and every successful commercial model can attest to having received some sort of formal training and support of some kind, yet many new models believe that by simply showing up and dressing the part, they are a model. The truth is, it’s not so simple!

To put things into context, imagine needing an accountant for your business, so you go ahead and hire someone dressed the part. Only, you later learn that the hired individual actually has no real training (or experience) - it just would not work.

Therefore, as with any professional career choice, training, teaching and clear understanding, are absolutely vital components for commercial success in modelling.

At London Model Academy, our formal model training sessions are delivered at a small and intimate studio with the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of personalised training.

 With LMA Director Michaela Harewood, you will be expertly guided in conduct, demeanour and presentation, with the intention of getting the absolute best out of you.  

What To Expect with Michaela

You can expect expert body posture, movement, professional posing, and expressional coaching, along with key industry tips like how to connect with a photographer, how to take direction and how to be playful and relaxed under pressure.

Michaela will teach you to think outside the box, allowing your personality to lead you and she will help to instil a comfortable confidence when in front of the camera.

Every model has a few bad habits and LMA will direct you away from distracting poses (i.e. lifting the chin too high) and guide you to correct, flattering positions.

For Catwalk training, personalised movement coaching and much more, tailored to you, enquire to speak with Michaela.

I enable you to tap in to your emotions in order to create strong, subtle, emotional expressions, these are the money shots” – Michaela Harewood.