Our Vision

Our expertise and professional purpose revolves around model development and its associated supportive services. We know well that most models aren’t born with natural confidence or flare, instead, most models have to work really hard at developing their commercial potential. We know firsthand that it takes time to turn talent into a credible portfolio, so we’re here to support model growth and development.

Most professional models are developed gradually and very few are born with the right skill-set to take on a commercial arena. Lma knows precisely what it takes to become a successful model, so we’ve harnessed the best teaching tools for tapping into raw modeling potential, case by case.

It’s our job to provide the right guidance to our models, along with industry inspiration and meaningful mentoring. This is particularly relevant to models who may be lacking in confidence or those who lack a supportive network.

One of our feature model development services that helps prime confidence are our physical motion & movement sessions which engage raw emotion and expression, generating noticeably improved photoshoot results.


Using various industry techniques and tricks of the trade, Lma helps models tap in to their own unique drive and stamina, for personalised, real results.


LMA Values

Honest, personalised modelling support services along with premium client care in a caring, supportive, patient and professional environment.


LMA Goals

To work with models in need of informed, experienced industry guidance in a safe, professional context.

To support the development of real confidence along with training, in preparation for model scouts.

To refine model presence and professional impact in preparation for agency placement.

To influence models in a positive manner with support, cultivating healthy self-image.


LMA Model Focus Areas

✓             Model Scouting

✓             Model Advisory

✓             Model Training

✓             Acting Methods for Commercial Models 

✓             Test Shoots + collaborations with Industry Professionals

✓             Portfolio management + Social Media influence & Marketing

✓             Freelance modeling + Agency Application

Happy & Commercially Successful Clients